Olivia and Joshua

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Our Story

On the first day of medical school orientation back in July 2016, Olivia was lost and stopped Josh on the sidewalk and asked him for directions. Luckily enough, Josh was headed to the same place and offered to walk there with her. They spent the day getting to know each other, and although Josh was slightly concerned that Olivia couldn’t find Indiana on a map and Olivia was worried that Josh had no idea how to use chopsticks, they decided that they would give each other a chance at friendship.

After quite a few months of studying, hiking, and exploring Phoenix together, Josh finally asked Olivia out on their first date in December 2016. Since then, Josh and Olivia stood by each other’s side through hundreds of medical school exams, traveling for away rotations, residency interviews, medical board exams, the couples match, and finally medical school graduation.

On May 7, 2020, Josh got down on one knee and proposed to Olivia on her favorite running trail in her hometown of Mill Valley, CA and she said yes to the easiest question she had ever been asked. They have been looking forward to tying the knot ever since, and can’t wait to share their big day with you!

And, in case you were wondering, Olivia can now find Indiana on any map (#gohoosiers!) and Josh uses chopsticks like a pro.